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All Risk Comprehensive Insurance and TLO CarEarlier in the year, means must also be ready to welcome guests who regularly visit. But, this annual guests are damaging your assets, lo, from home, vehicle, to furnishings. Moreover, if not a flood.

Rainfall reached the peak during January-February has the potential to generate flooding in many areas in Indonesia. Especially, the city of Jakarta which is an area to flood.

But, the risk in 2017 is not just flooding. Acts of terrorism lurks that can damage property assets as well as your vehicle. In December 2016, the police conduct massive arrests of people suspected terrorists in a number of areas. They are planning to carry out suicide bombings in several locations.

There is one more risk that haunts in 2017: riots. Implementation of the local elections (elections) simultaneously on February 15 later potentially fuel unrest. The situation began to heat up in some areas, especially Jakarta, which will hold gubernatorial elections.

No doubt, the expanding demand insurance protection against the risk of unrest, riots, terrorism and sabotage increased.

“A lot of today is the expansion of riots and terrorism. Then to flooding. Ahead of the election, as now, there is usually a rise to riots and terrorism, “said Subagyo, Technical Deputy Director horizon Protection Insurance Indonesia.

Yes, even if you take all risk property insurance (PAR) and industrial all risk (IAR), not necessarily includes protection against the risk of terrorism. Dubai-owned insurance horizon, for example.

Likewise with all risk insurance for the car. For example, ACA Standards Comprehensive Insurance does not even bear the collateral for the risk of flooding, riots and terrorism.

Unless, you take Insurance Comprehensive Plus Otomate ACA which provide flood protection, riot, terrorism, including earthquakes.

Moreover, the total lost insurance only (TLO), which only guarantees the damage with losses of at least 75% of the price of the vehicle. For that, it needs expansion of collateral for motor vehicles (PJAKB).

Of course, more expensive comprehensive insurance premium which guarantees nearly all of the risks rather than TLO. Also more expensive comprehensive insurance premiums plus compared to the standard.

For example, Standard Comprehensive Insurance premium rates ACA started 1.05% to 3.44% of the price of the car. The amount depends on the price of the car.

Then Comprehensive Insurance premium rates Plus Otomate ACA started 1.25% to 4.11%. The more expensive the car, the smaller the amount of the premium paid.

“TLO kind of insurance is cheaper because the dikaver the event of loss or major damage only. While more expensive because of the comprehensive guarantee to damage small, “said Debie Wijaya, Director of Asuransi Central Asia (ACA).

Only, if you take the expansion of protection, the tariff could be cheaper or more expensive. It depends on the amount of additional insurance you take. If only one extension, it is still cheaper. If the three protection, can be more expensive.

Referring Circular of the Financial Services Authority (FSA SE) No. 6 / D.05 / 2013, the expansion of insurance premium rates riot and terrorism to comprehensively by 0.05%, currently 0.035% TLO.

Then, the flood premium rates for comprehensive insurance in Jakarta 0.1% to 0.125%. For the TLO, the rate of 0.075% -0.1%.

See coverage

But, Subagyo advised, people should not just look cheap or expensive insurance premiums. The main consideration in choosing insurance is a type and insurance coverage policy, whether in accordance with the needs of each individual.

For example, flooding. You buy insurance TLO with the expansion of collateral flooding. If your vehicle is damaged partially or below 75% due to floods, the losses will not be replaced.

“But, if the parent is a comprehensive guarantee, then the damage was partially guaranteed,” said Subagyo.

Similarly, Debie said, the expansion of flood insurance, riots and terrorism depends on the customers’ needs. If customers feel safe from flooding the area, there is no need to buy the expansion of protection.

When clients’ homes away from the crowd that could potentially be an outcry, also why buy insurance expansion. But indeed, though safe, these risks can not be predicted.

For the protection of the property, revealed Debie, who bought policies expansion of insurance against the risk of terrorism and sabotage are multinational corporations. Then, hotels and cafes by the number of visitors foreigners (WNA) which is quite a lot.

“For the guarantee, there are limits. And usually borne by several insurance companies that joined, “said Debie.

Before buying insurance, including the expansion of protection, Budi Raharjo, Oneshildt Financial Planner Personal Financial Planning, stated, you should know exactly what harm around your assets.

For example, you live in a big city and every day struggling with congestion, yes, better grab a comprehensive insurance. Though expensive, the risks of such small scratches on the car body because the motor tersenggol guaranteed insurance companies.

Only after that, you look back, whether they really need insurance expansion. If you do not need to pay any extra premium.

“If for example, you live in vulnerable acts of terrorism, riots and floods, there needs to be expansion,” said Budi.

The choice is in your hands, but it remains wise in choosing insurance.

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