Note It Before Asking Car Insurance


Tips for News and Old Car InsuranceOf the various types available, car insurance or vehicle belonging to the type that you must have. This insurance will protect the vehicle from a variety of risks, ranging from damaged due to accident up missing.

When you buy a car on credit, insurance usually becomes mandatory. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the importance of protecting the vehicle with insurance. Before you apply for auto insurance, there are some things that must be considered. Here’s the explanation:

Understand Type Vehicle Insurance

There are two types of vehicle or car insurance is comprehensive and all risk or total loss only (TLO). For all risks, the insurance will cover all types of damage, from mild, severe, up to lose. While the TLO, the new insurance will cover if damage occurs above 75% or lose. So if the damage is less than that, there is no compensation. TLO lower premiums from all risk.

Determine how registration, online or conventional?

You can register in the conventional insurance by visiting the branch offices of insurance or bank working with insurance. Well now, you can also make insurance registration online through e-commerce financially. Advantages of registering insurance online is time-saving, especially for the busy.

Prepare Documents Needed, Then List

Documents required include a photocopy of ID card, driver’s license, vehicle registration, up photo of the vehicle. Prepare everything before signing. When signing up, you also have to fill out a form.

Wait Polis

After all the above process, wait for an insurance policy to reach you. After that, read the fine contents. By reading the policy, you will know what the risks are covered by insurance.

Pay Premiums

Pay premiums according to the provisions so that you can enjoy the protection of insurance. After that, you will be quiet because the vehicle already registered insurance.


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