Summary of high risk auto insurance

If you fall into the category of high risk auto insurance then it is probably because you have been classed in a group that has been considered more likely to make a claim on their insurance premium. In some cases there is nothing you can do about being in a high risk auto insurance category as sometimes they class young people in this group too. But this does not mean you have to be penalised and pay ridiculously high premiums you just have to look a bit harder and make sure you are getting the best high risk auto insurance prices.

What are the high risk auto insurance categories?

The first category is for people who are under 25 years old; these young drivers are usually more likely to have an accident than anyone over this age. It is especially the case when insuring young male drivers. The reason is because younger people are new to driving and do not have as much experience as people who have been on the roads for many years.

High risk auto insurance drivers are also classed as of those who have a low credit rating. If you do have an adverse credit then you will be affected in your premiums as insurance companies feel that you are a risk for not paying your policies in full.

Another high risk auto insurance category is those who have had convictions for drink driving. The reason is because you are more likely to re-offend and also cause huge accidents which will cost a large amount of money. To offset this they charge all people in this category more than double the usual premiums.

Anyone who has had parking tickets or speeding fines will also be put in a high risk auto insurance class as they are more likely to have an accident. This is through dangerous driving and being reckless on the roads.

How can I get low high risk auto insurance quotes?

If you are classed in one of these high risk groups then this shouldn’t deter you from getting the lowest insurance quotes possible. Firstly you should look at improving your own circumstances before you go to get your insurance quotation.

If you are a person with adverse credit then looking to your credit file and getting any court judgements and defaults taken off or by improving it with a debt consolidation loan can help. Also if you are a driver who has been convicted of speeding or drink-driving then taking an advanced driving course can also help lower your premiums.

Young drivers are always targeted in high risk auto insurance groups so there are best when you to attain a lower quote is to go as a second or named driver on a policy of someone who is over 25 years old. The savings here can be as much as 50% of the normal premium.

Lastly once you have made sure that you have improved your personal circumstances to get the lowest high risk auto insurance it is best that you go online and try one of the many Internet comparison insurance sites that are available.

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