Tips For Buying A New Car


Tips For Buying Cheap CarBuying a new car is not just because he has money. Moreover, you must have sufficient knowledge in order not to regret in the future. Especially for car buyers starters, here are some tips from us, which can be used as a guide:

1. Adjust the type of car and budget

Determine the type and the type of car you want. Adjust to the contents of the bag. Remember, after buying a car there are the costs to be incurred after, such as periodic servicing, annual taxes, etc.

2. Payment type

Nothing wrong to pay in cash, but if there are other expenses, buying on credit is a wise move.

3. Dealers and reliable financing company

Make sure the company financed the purchase (credit) of your car, is a trustworthy company and provide a rational price.

4. Product excel

Do not be tempted advertising and low prices. Learn about the advantages of the car, such as ease of spare parts, fuel efficient, network of workshops, etc.

5. Test drive

Done so that you know the correct condition, ranging from performance, a sense of drive, etc. Never be ashamed to ask for a test drive more than one car, so that you get the comparison.

6. Insurance

For those who buy on credit, the car is definitely insured. For those who pay in cash, immediately insure your car privately. Why is insurance important? Insurance can help keep your financial condition remains stable, because it reduces the risk of unexpected expenses due to collisions and loss.


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